First Post–My History with Running

Well, welcome to my blog!! I decided I would start a blog to keep up with my training and adventures in running. Lets see, where to begin…perhaps with a background of what all I have done and what is yet to come…

In January 2009 I decided it was time for a new year and a new me. I needed a challenge. I ran for excerise (no more than 3-4 miles) for several years and never thought I would be a “runner” (I have pretty bad asthma and struggled to get it under control in my first few years of living in Atlanta–thank you Advair, I have my lungs back). I had never run a race in my life. Not a 5K, not a 10K, and definitely not a 1/2 marathon. So I signed up for the Georgia ING 1/2 marathon, googled training programs, and printed off Hal Higdon’s training for the novice.

Each day I took out my highlighter and crossed off my miles. My goal was to just finish-walk, run, whatever. But, I found out, I’m not half bad at this. I’m pretty fast, and I enjoy it. I ended up finishing my first 1/2 marathon in March 2009 in 1:59:00.

The rest of the spring/summer/fall involved a few 5K’s (Sweetwater 420fest, Big Peach 5K, and 10K) and I wasn’t sure what was next. My good friend Jessica suggested we run a 1/2 marathon together and chose the ZOOMA Womens race in November 2009. I found it was much more fun to train with a friend. We stepped it up and did the Hal Higdon Intermediate training-it incorporated alot of speed work–but I had no idea what the outcome would be. We used a racetat during the race with hopes of coming in around 1:55 and much to our surprise finished in 1:49:16. I was completely shocked to take 10 minutes off my previous time-especially on the course we ran-nothing but the hills of Atlanta.

So somewhere between November and January I decided I wanted to become a “Rock Star” with the Competitor Rock and Roll Series–must complete 5 events in 2010 (13.1 or 26.2). The great thing about this series is that all every race is more like a party-bands along the course, a finishing band/concert, beer, great expo and the best thing is they pretty much all involve taking a trip–there are only 13 or so of them in the country. So I signed up for the Innagural Rock and Roll New Orleans Race. It was a blast!!!! Dad and Nancy came with me and again, I set another PR. I was extremely shocked (coming off of a small injury) but the course was flat and fast–I finished in 1:46:04.

So…here we are to the present. I am currently training with Team in Training, an endurance sport group that raises money for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. I have to raise at least $4200 and I am over half way there. You can check out the link here:

I will be running in Seattle in June. I am signed up for the 1/2 right now, but my team has almost convinced me to switch to the full. I am debating. Nervous for the outcome on my body, scared to fail, but also excited about the possibility. When else will I have this much support and motivation?

Next up after that–Chicago Rock and Roll August 1st, possibly San Jose in October and Vegas in December. I am also running the Big Peach 5K again in May as well as the Atlanta Skirtchaser 5K and probably another 10k.

So there you have it. My first entry. My history. My not so near future. I will post my favorite things, my triumphs, struggles etc. Hope it keeps you all entertained. Thanks for reading!!

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