NYCM Training Week 5

by Elizabeth on July 16, 2014

I spent my week in Atlanta and back home in Mobile (and Fairhope and Dauphin Island). It was a week when some fabulous runs met crappy ones. It was bound to happen sometime. It’s the reality of running. They can’t all be good ones, right? Either way, my trip home was fabulous!


  • PLAN- 6 miles recovery 8:55-9:40 pace
  • ACTUAL- 6 miles recovery avg. 9:08 and private pilates session


  • PLAN- spin
  • ACTUAL- flywheel. 


  • PLAN- progression run. Focusing on negative split, conserving energy! Miles 1-2: 8:25-8:30, miles 3-4: 8:05-8:10, miles 5-6: 7:45-7:50, miles 7-8: 7:25-7:30
  • ACTUAL- progression run 8:22, 8:22, 8:09, 8:04, 7:46, 7:45, 7:19, 7:34 and barre3

I LOVED this workout. There is something about hitting those small targets that is so rewarding and realizing you can dial your pace into something so small that is super cool. My last mile was uphill, so I am not all at disappointed in the few seconds higher average. I went to barre3 with Jesica that afternoon.IMG_7972Thursday:

  • PLAN: 6 easy miles 7:50-8:50
  • ACTUAL: 6 easy miles 8:40 avg. pace

Jesica came over early and ran with me and Rich. She and I both felt pretty dead from hard runs and barre3 and the early morning wakeup but it was nice getting it done.IMG_7982I was supposed to have jury duty and got really lucky that my stand-by group didn’t have to go. Rich and I were able to leave Atlanta that afternoon and made it to Mobile in time to have dinner with two of my best friends, Bradley and Tiffany, and their husbands. It’s so nice to be able to go home and get fresh seafood cheap!IMG_7992Friday:

  • PLAN: 18 mile long run 7:55-9:00. Start slower, end strong. 
  • ACTUAL: 18 miles long run 8:42 avg. pace

Rich and I decided to do our long workouts on Friday so that we could enjoy our weekend at Dauphin Island (tiny island 30 minutes from the house I grew up in and not really an option for long runs because it’s so small). The plan was to get up early and head to Fairhope, about a 35-45 minute drive from my mom’s house. Rich had to ride for 5.5 hours and the easiest place to do so safely and without getting lost was scenic hwy 98. I figured I would just run an out and back too, and be able to see him along the way.IMG_7996

We left a little later than expected, arrived at the Fairhope pier, and started our workouts around 7am.  It was already hot and humid, it is the gulf coast and that is to be expected. I however, left with one bottle of nuun and headed on my way. The views at first were pretty, but by mile 7 or so I was almost out of fluids. Not a gas station in site (had money to fill up if necessary). Thank goodness for Rich. He rode by and checked on me and filled my bottle back up.

The run was pretty miserable. The same views, no hills, no turns, and just me. HOT. No breeze. Did I mention I couldn’t get out of my own head? Around mile 14 I saw Rich again and played it off that I was fine at first but then he stopped again and I was almost in tears. I was just miserable. HOT. Couldn’t cool off, didn’t want to stop, and out of fluids again. He told me to calm down and take as many breaks as I needed to to get my heart rate down. I somehow managed to push through the last 4 miles. The last mile I started to feel chilled and realized the dehydration was really hitting me. Needless to say, it was not a good run for me. I chugged a bottle of nuun when I finished and went to get breakfast.

Luckily, blogger friend Mindy, was able to come by for a very impromptu coffee with her boys. Rich finished up 2.5 hours later, we grabbed lunch, headed back to Mobile to clean up and then headed to Dauphin Island for some relaxation!IMG_8007


  • PLAN: Rest Day!
  • ACTUAL: Rest Day!

Even though we didn’t have to get up early to run, we got up early to go fishing with my dad. We only ended up catching 2 fish worth keeping, but we had a blast. The rest of the day was spent napping, checking out the kids fishing rodeo, reading magazines, and enjoying a few treats (homemade peach ice cream!). EXACTLY what I needed. IMG_8032 IMG_8048 IMG_8039 IMG_8038 IMG_8047 IMG_8053


  • PLAN: 4 miles easy
  • ACTUAL: 4 miles easy 9:10 avg. pace

Rich and I woke up early to run easy at Dauphin Island. It took me a bit to get warmed up and my glute was definitely cranky. There was a storm coming in, and it was crazy to see it from one side of the island to the next…and within a few minutes we had a rainbow (we finished before the rain). IMG_8059 IMG_8057 IMG_8058 IMG_8063

That morning, I officially became a godparent again to my friend Tiffany’s (and her husband David) little boy, Charlie. I’m so lucky to be surrounded by beautiful little ones and I am incredibly honored that they asked me to be his godmother. IMG_8121

Total Miles for the Week: 42

All in all, some highs and lows. That’s to be expected in any training cycle. Not all of the runs can be perfect and I’ve been REALLY lucky this year with a lot of running highs.

This week was another high mileage week for me and with the higher mileage comes aches and pains. I’m currently having pain in my left glute (opposite surgery side) but I am doing everything I can to get it to loosen up. Trigger point ball, e-stem, and a massage scheduled for later in the week. I’m hoping it’s just tight. Only time will tell.

Do you run in the heat or try and run really early or late? Have you ever taken a trip and been surprised by the weather during your training? When was the last time you had homemade ice cream? Do you like to fish? 


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