Bayshore Marathon, Here I Come!

by Elizabeth on May 21, 2015

Man. It’s finally here. Marathon weekend for marathon #7. I’ve tracked my training for 25 weeks (I started early) and it’s been really exciting to see how my performance has changed. My last training cycle didn’t feel this good and I’m not sure I can really pin point why- but I often struggled through workouts and felt pretty crappy all around. This time it’s been completely different.

I started working with Coach Chris and our approach was different. I ran less, had 2 days of what I would call real “work” and it was challenging, but it all just clicked. We also had scheduled strength work with specific workouts and that really made me stick to it. And, since I’m the most insane type A person who strives for perfection I only missed one workout the entire 25 weeks because of a stomach bug.Screen shot 2015-05-20 at 8.41.33 PM

I LOVED this training cycle. Seriously. There may have been days I was tired and didn’t want to get out of bed but once the workout was done, I felt great. I think I only had one or two runs that I wasn’t happy with how I felt physically but it didn’t get me down (like it would have in the past).

So, where does that leave me for Saturday? Excited, anxious, and ready to rock this thing. My goal is big (and assigned by Coach).


Yes. Sub 3:30. It’s now all out there and not just in my Training Peaks. Based on my training, this is 100% achievable if all falls into place. I think a lot of it will have to do with my nutrition. I’ve stuck to my FODMAP diet (which I think has truly helped with my overall performance so far this year), passed on the booze and sweets, and I think I  have a good plan for race day fuel. I plan to run with my own fluids (Nuun) since it’s what I’ve done all season long and use the water on the course.  I will skip the Gatorade since it will kill my stomach and I will use my Huma Gels for fuel. I have salt tabs in case I need them and will check in half way instead of waiting too late like I did in NYC.

The weather is going to be close to perfect and the course is nice and flat. It’s a small, but charming race. My playlist is made with my favorite music and my race outfit is all picked out. I am also incredibly lucky to have Molly as my pacer (and hydrator) and I can’t wait to run with her.tcpic

I’m borrowing Holly’s motto for the weekend (who is also running the marathon), FAITH OVER FEAR. I will also BELIEVE AND ACHIEVE, MIND OVER MATTER, and FINISH STRONG.

This is my race, and I know it.

I can’t wait to have an amazing weekend with some of my dearest running friends (there are 10 of us going on this trip) and I look forward to all the food and booze post race.

If you want to track me, my bib is 1151.

And, I would LOVE to have you cheer for me from a far. I used Motigo during the Flying Pig 1/2 and it was SO cool to hear Rich at mile 10. It would be really fun to hear from my family and friends, so if you are so inclined, you can leave me a cheer and it will play during the race over my music.

See yall on the flipside of this 26.2!!

What’s your plans for Memorial Day weekend? Do you prefer small or big races for your goal races?



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